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Value of tableware
Tableware only really gets its value through its use. It’s integral to everyones eating experience, and beautiful tableware even more so. That’s why it needs a specialist who understands every aspect of the tabletop market. In my role as a designer I work with tableware companies and design brands that are on the look out for innovation and style in their products.
The design process we enter is a collaboration, in the result our visions merge: a product on the cutting edge of aesthetics and functionality; that understands the trends and production possibilities. My work is like a blank canvas, it interacts with the user and the chef, who is challenged to new forms of presentation and application.

Design journeys
Every project is a different journey. Regardless of the size of the project, whether it’s a collaboration or my own initiative, the overall look and feel as well as the details are of the utmost importance to me.
Certainly with the dinnerware lines, the details developed in the core pieces of the collection work to create an expandable grid. Examples of this are the Bagastro line, a 22 (and counting) piece set, along with the Ron Blaauw Gastro service that has been developed to four new colour schemes.
Pieces developed on my own initiative receive the same care and attention, new collaborations result from this. Projects such as Grind for Serax and Amuse for the Playground collection of BHS Tabletop, were incorporated into the collection of these brands.

Materials & location
My studio has been established in 2009 following completion of my studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven, and is located in Delfshaven in Rotterdam. In 2011 I was rewarded with the Mercure Culture Price for my tableware design for this hotel chain. My design process makes use of digital 3D-modeling and printing or making prototypes by hand in clay, plaster or paper. These designs are translated to the suitable material for the project. I enjoy working with porcelain, stoneware, glass, brass, bagasse and bamboo fibre and have a passion for working with new materials and techniques, which is a rewarding challenge.

I work either from my Rotterdam studio or on location. I have worked in the porcelain factories of Vista Alegre and Kahla, which was both insightful and inspiring. For my participation in the ID-pool program of Vista Alegre I was rewarded a grant from the Creative Industries Fund. Also I visited Arita, the famous porcelain region of Japan. Working at Vista Alegre and Kahla resulted in the Texture line and the Volumes collection, respectively, which have now been taken into production.

Curious what I can do for you? We can always meet over a (virtual) cup of coffee. I’d love to hear about your plans! Get in touch.

Photo's from top to bottom:
Portrait by Robert Tjalondo at my studio.
At work, making models for Vista Alegre in Portugal.
In the front door of the Voorhaven 57 by Robert Tjalondo.
In the factory of Kahla in Germany.