The story of a service

The Bagastro service an excellent example of how a tableware line is build up and can be expanded over time by making good choices right from the start.

Together with Sier Disposables we developed a clear vision of what Bagastro should be: a basic set, simple shapes, pleasant to use, a line not yet available in the world of disposables and beautiful of course. The material bagasse: sugar cane pulp with a mixture of FSC certified wood, was a certainty from the start. We wanted to express the beauty of this material in the product.

This design started with a selection of six basic items: three plates, three bowls. Six items that fulfill the basic function of a service. We chose a shape that is characterized by a simple curve. No edges or unnecessary finishing. Smooth on the inside, rough on the outside. Two textures that are inherent to the production process.

In the following seasons we added new items to the line: deep plates, high bowls, small bowls and so the functions of the service expanded.

The next step: a square edition. Searching for the same round aesthetics within square shapes was a challenge. Round and square come together nicely in the result. This way the square and round items of this land go hand in hand.


In this way, Sier Disposables and I have grown this disposable service in an organic way over time. Without loosing sight of the vision, always with proportions and the basic premise in mind.

The collaboration with Sier on this line is one that I would always like. It is great to collaborate when is there’s a clear vision, the company knows its market, clients and knows what it wants. Together you can achieve the best result step by step: in this case a timeless line of disposables with the appearance of porcelain, a line you stumble upon practically everywhere. And that is one of the coolest things about being a tableware designer.

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