Craft + 3D

CARVED is created in a unique way: merging craft and 3D-techniques. It is a collaboration between Linde Freya Tangelder and Mieke Cuppen.

A handmade wooden plate shows the origin of the tableware design.

Stoneware items are provided with a new skin of carvings. The application of this on the original models is done by the skillful hand of Linde. The next step is 3D-scanning this texture and translating it into a 3D-stamp to apply digitally on the designed items. In this way a handmade object can be replicated and applied other shapes. The Portuguese factory translates this digital design into a stoneware product.

The 3D designs that have been translated into ceramics.

This process blends the visions and methods of Linde and Mieke seamlessly. Combining craftsmanship with 3D-techniques, the manual with the mass. It provides the hospitality market with a tableware design that finds its origin in limited edition pieces.


Carved is a tableware set that combines the ways of working of Linde Freya Tangelder and Mieke Cuppen. Two pretty contrasting worlds meet in one design.

Mieke Cuppen

Linde Freya Tangelder

Linde Freya Tangelder is a designer focusing on limited editions, exploring craftsmanship and interested in the border between art and design. With her limited editions studio Destroyers/Builders she was announced Belgisch ontwerper van het jaar 2019. A renowned award handed out by Biennale Interieur and Knack Weekend with some pretty impressive predecessors.

While Mieke on the other hand focuses on tableware design, she combines the commercial with the creative, loves to explore the possibilities and limitations of the factory production process and her designs are mostly manufactured in large quantities.

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