Story of Gradient

Food is beautiful. It’s not without reason I design products that serve as canvas for it. But tableware design hasn’t been the sole activity I explored over the last decade. The food itself has also been subject of my work. This results in photo series that show the beauty of pure ingredients.

Gradient is the first photo series I ever made, it’s a collaboration with Linde Freya, that’s why it’s very dear to me. The series is a visual research we translated into product designs. But the photos themselves also turned out to be a product and the prints ended up in peoples homes, design shops, restaurants and hotels.

Because of the compositions with striking colours, the attention for detail en subtle gradients, the images are still appealing. The beauty of the turnip that stands out against the background, the subtle shades of pink of the beetroot, the rough skin of the black radish are the elements that give this series its character. Vegetables that become special by the way they are styled and photographed.

Read more about where some of the photos ended up and what's possible for ordering a print at PICK ME.


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