The photo series BITE, Gradient and Pluk each have their own story. They also have one very clear thing in common: the beauty that lies in the simple ingredients. Shot with natural light and untouched by photoshop these series shows food in its purest form. It enhances the appearance of raw food, their colours and textures in plain surroundings.

Nowadays I focus solely on tableware design. Still I want to save a little space on my website for the work I made in the past. I'm proud of these photoseries. That's why I bundled the pictures into one order list: PICK ME, you can download it here.

Do you need some inspiration for your choice? Take a look at the pictures down here of the photos in different settings and combinations.

In the window of design shop Edwin Pelser, The Hague


At home in the kitchen of a happy custumor


Think about where you want to hang the picture. What colours fit well within this space? Do you like a splash of colour or prefer a bit more modesty?

What is the function of the space where you're gonna hang the photo? A shop, restaurant, at home in the kitchen or dining room?

And will you choose one piece? Or do you prefer a collage of images? Maybe you're gonna combine it with other pictures you already have. Consider these things before making your choice.

A big print of "Chocolat" at Restaurant Plaats1 in Nijmegen

A collage on the wall of Stek de Stadstuinwinkel in Rotterdam


My favourite material for these prints is dibond: a matte aluminium surface. On this material the image doesn't reflect, you don't need a frame and it works really well with the colours. The suspension system that comes with it is invisible and leaves some space between the wall and the print: a nice spatial effect.

Do you already have the perfect frame for a photoprint? Or a shiny print matches your interior better? That's also possible! Every print is custom made, I'm happy to meet your wishes and think along.

The bestseller? The pink turnip on green background, without a doubt. It was popular from the very beginning. And the article in Volkskrant Magazine that showed the print in a friends interior certainly helped too :)


At Yksi Expo Eindhoven I was commisioned to create my own composition. A mix of photos and formats printed on dibond is the result. Would this fit your wall?

Hungry for more? Take a look at the individual stories of these photoseries.



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