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In the story "Why I love my job" I explain how much I enjoy my designs being used by chefs. I regard my designs as canvases to work with. Especially the TEXTURE plates designed for Vista Alegre are a good example of this philosophy.

Stumbling upon amazing pictures of my designs with food makes me a happy (and a bit proud). It challenges me as a designer to think about the next product: a design that invites chefs to be creative with the art of plating and come up with new delicious dishes. To honour the chefs and restaurants that use the TEXTURE plates I made an overview of their wonderful creations on this page. Be inspired by it, like me.

Kanász László of Arany Kaviar Restaurant makes absolutely great use of Texture plate Escames in so many different ways. These beautiful shots are made by Antiono Fekete.

And chef Kanász László uses plate Chuvanha too for his restaurant.

Tadaa! A spectacular effect by restaurant Al Quimia in Portugal. What's in a name?

It's so cool to find out about a restaurant using my designs on the other side of the ocean. Evvai in Sao Paulo is one of them. Chef Luiz Filipe Souza creates these wonderful dishes on the Texture plates.

Closer to home, but no less impressive is this dish by Soenil Bahadoer of the Lindehof in Nuenen, The Netherlands.

Fine dining at its best with the creations of chef Javier Aranda for restaurant Gaytán.

Graphite style food, very refined dish by chef Peter Gast.

Llevataps extravaganza, chef Juan Rodríguez sure likes making a mess...

Finetuning a dish done by the master himself: Soenil Bahadoer serves an amazing looking dish on Texture plate Chuva. Love it!

Did you spot my TEXTURE plates somewhere? Or any of my other designs? Whether it is at home, a restaurant or on Instagram. Let me know! I might just show them in my next story.


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