Amuse Me

The aperitif is a special part of the dinner. It acts as a kind of trailer, with dinner as the movie. This tower is part of the Amuse Me concept, tableware aimed at the special presentation of small dishes and cocktails. The design is included in the Playground collection of the international tabletop-brand BHS.

Borosilicate glass
This piece is executed in borosilicate glass. This glass is heat and thermo-shock resistant. Due to the transparency, the tower takes on the character of the food. The focus is therefore on the dishes or bites it is filled with.

Life of its own
The free interpretation of this tableware has started to lead a life of its own, one much broader than previously conceived. The product is also used for the presentation of breakfast and lunch dishes.

This design is exclusive for hospitality and can be purchased via Playground.
Anyone can rent it at Boels.

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