Functionality at its most elegant

Like porcelain
Bagastro is a completely biodegradable tableware line made of sugar cane pulp and wood, designed for SIER. In appearance and shape, the service is comparable to porcelain. The sides are straight, with and unfinished edge. Its simplicity speaks volumes. The production line has now been extended to 21 models and a new service line, Bagastro Square.

The service consists of a mix of 70 percent sugar cane pulp, known as bagasse, and 30 percent certified sustainable wood. Previously, sugar cane pulp was burned as residual waste, but nowadays it finds a valuable destination in reuse. Like in this disposable dinnerware.

This design is available at most wholesale stores close to you, check out this map to see where. Or order online at Bio.Disposables.

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Palm Canvas
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3 Cloches
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Fine Dine Palm
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