Bagastro Organic

Different and the same

These organically shaped items are the third edition to the Bagastro line, after the Basic line and Square. The whole collection contains over 25 pieces now. The four pieces each have a different shape and proportion. Their design language and material connects them with each other and the Bagastro collection. Each a bit different, still part the same.

Bagastro is a completely biodegradable tableware line made of sugar cane pulp and wood, designed for SIER. The material consists of a mix of 70 percent sugar cane pulp, known as bagasse, and 30 percent certified sustainable wood. Previously, sugar cane pulp was burned as residual waste, but nowadays it finds a valuable destination in reuse. Like in this disposable dinnerware.

This design is available at most wholesale stores close to you, check out this map to see where. Or order online at Bio.Disposables.

Portfolio item Shapes Glass
Shapes Glass
Portfolio item Elevate
Portfolio item SpotON
Portfolio item Midori
Portfolio item Shapes Wood
Shapes Wood
Portfolio item Texture 2.0
Texture 2.0
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