Bagastro Square

Roundness within the lines

Follow-up line
Bagastro Square is the follow-up line to Bagastro, the fully biodegradable service line designed for SIER. In the design the challenge was to make this service so that it can be combined with the existing round line. It was a search for roundness in a square service, while maintaining simplicity and the chosen style. The service sets find each other in the curve and lack of a finishing edge. In this way, the entire Bagastro collection remains uniform in its simplicity.

The service consists of a mix of 70 percent sugar cane pulp, known as bagasse, and 30 percent certified sustainable wood. Previously, sugar cane pulp was burned as residual waste, but nowadays it finds a valuable destination in reuse. The material has been tested by the University of Wageningen on the absence of chemical binders and assessed as biodegradable. The factory runs entirely on green energy.

This design is available at most wholesale stores close to you, check out this map to see where. Or order online at Bio.Disposables.

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