The belle of the ball

A bell jar in the shape of a bubble. Made of iridescent glass, colourful, but subtle. A showpiece that at the same time focuses on the food. The shape provides functionality, a handle, as well as a smile.

The name combines the English bell jar, the Dutch bellenblazen (bubble blowing) and the French belle (beautiful). Every meaning of these words is reflected in the design. The function, the fun and the aesthetics. In this way, the name summarizes what the design stands for in one go.

With the transparent glass domes from the Cloches series you serve and protect your food in a stylish way. Suitable for keeping fresh and protecting, for example, pastry, cake and cheese. Perfect for presenting a dish at the table in an original way.

The diameter of the Bell dome is 20 cm, just as its height. It weighs 900 grams and is made of transparent iridescent glass. A design for Serax.

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