Wooden eyecatchers

Wooden trays that elevate the presentation of food to art; they serve as centerpieces both in interior decor and on the table. Available in diameters of 10, 14, and 32 cm, the set offers diverse functionality. The larger size makes a bold statement, while the smaller sizes draw attention to petite dishes.

Wood & Craft
Elevate showcases the beauty of oak and walnut wood, each boasting its unique qualities - the warm yellow hues of oak and the deep darkness of walnut. The design seamlessly integrates traditional craftsmanship with digital production techniques.

This design is a result of collaboration with Linde Freya Tangelder, founder of Destroyers/Builders - a design studio specializing in architectural furniture and interior projects. She has designed and crafted bespoke objects for Restaurant Blueness of Sergio Herman in Antwerp, including the bar, shelves, and ice buckets. Her signature is unmistakably evident in every carve of Elevate.

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