Fine Dine Palm

The material of this line is the bark of the Areca palm collected when the tree sheds itself. These pieces of bark are cleaned, steamed and pressed into a mold. It doesn't get more natural than that, something the material really does show. Every piece is different, sometimes with a pronounced pattern, others almost solid. A very distinct material.

With its powerful shape the Fine Dine Palm series offers a counterbalance to this distinctive material. At the same time, the shape provides space to show off each unique piece of bark. Straight outlines frame the pattern and move with the natural flow of the material.

The line consists of ten plates and bowls. From the XL plate that measures 54 by 20 cm and can serve well as a snack tray to the tiny bowl that is perfect for the matching sauce.
Fine Dine Palm is part of the palm collection of Sier Disposables and is available at professional catering wholesalers.

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