Ron Blaauw
This service was designed in collaboration with master chef Ron Blaauw, for his restaurant Ron Gastrobar. This establishment marked the start of the culinary trend of gastrobars in the Netherlands. It is a restaurant where the format of the courses is not determined based on a particular duration or sequence. The dishes have about the same size. That's why we chose to design the service based on non-traditional shapes. In the organic service a colour accent has been applied in consultation with Ron. The accent is inspired by the decorative sweeping technique used for sauces.

The collection is made of stoneware. This makes a multi-coloured glaze and crackle treatment possible. The crackle is caused by the difference in expansion between clay and glaze, which causes small cracks in the glaze layer. This gives the service extra depth. The service is easy to stack despite the asymmetrical shapes. The crockery is available via catering wholesalers and is now extended with the Gastro Black & White collection and a Seablue version.

For sale at, FonQ, with Sligro and Horecasupply.

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