Hotel service
This hotel service is exclusively designed for Mercure Hotels the Netherlands. The service is stackable and multifunctional. The requirements for a hotel service are embraced in the design. For example, serving is made easy by the shape and higher edges on the plates. Clients love the massive character of the hotel service, and they can choose among different colour nuances and a colour gradient. Thus, the service is at its best when presented in abundance.

Extremely strong, practical and beautiful
“The special feature of the cup and saucer is that the cup falls into the saucer as it were and cannot slide on it. This practical design gives the service a characteristic shape. Mieke proves with this service that hotel porcelain can be extremely strong, practical and beautiful at the same time.” Mercure Hotels - Jury report

Mercure Culture Award
This design is the winner of the Mercure Culture Award 2011. A total of 62 designers participated. The jury consisted of Ron Blaauw, owner of the eponymous restaurant; Renny Ramakers from Droog Design; Kees van Twist, director Groninger Museum; Ranti Tjan, director European Ceramic Workcentre; Gerrit Uittenbogaard, designer G+N and teacher at KABK The Hague; Hebe Verstappen, creative director Audax Textile Museum Tilburg; and chairman Caro van Eekelen, general manager of Accor Hotels the Netherlands.

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