The Japanese word for green is steeped in meaning, invoking young leaves, their colour; nature and the environment and even expanding to the dark blue colour of the sea.

An uplifting name for a range sustainable disposables that are unmistakably inspired by Japanese pottery. The wavy line creates a distinctive look and gives the items a lightness that perfectly matches the qualities of bagasse.

The name Midori fits well with this design and refers to both the Japanese look and the sustainability of the material. Of course it also fits perfectly with the identity of Sier Disposables, for which this design was made.

This range is made of the bagasse. A completely biodegradable material that consists of a mix of 70 percent sugar cane pulp, known as bagasse, and 30 percent certified sustainable wood. Previously, sugar cane pulp was burned as residual waste, but nowadays it finds a valuable destination in reuse. Like in this disposable dinnerware.

This design is available at most wholesale stores close to you, check out this map to see where. Or order online at Bio.Disposables.

This is the source about the meaning of Midori.

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