Palm Canvas

Pretty picture
Large trays made of palm. The size of these trays makes them very suitable for big dishes that can be shared. The name "Palm Canvas" invites you to make your dishes into a pretty picture! This idea was the inspiration for the photos: the trays are plated with salads like colourful paintings, truly "the art of plating".

The material is the bark of the Areca palm collected when the tree sheds itself. These pieces of bark are cleaned, steamed and pressed into a mold. Bark is a natural waste product and the production process is low-tech. Therefore, this disposable has a low carbon footprint.

The last two pictures show the raw material. With these trays we got the most out of palm, the biggest tray of 55 x 36 cm is adjusted to the largest pieces of bark. At the same time commonly used sizes in catering have been taken into account to ensure the best ease of use.

Palm Canvas is part of the palm collection of Sier Disposables and is available at professional catering wholesalers.

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