Natural look, fine dining presentation

Palmscapes are formed by the bark of a palm tree when a leaf falls off. This series uses the natural appearance of the material for a fine dining presentation. Every plate has a small hill, as if nature had created it that way – like a landscape.

The hill allows you to lift, emphasize or separate a part of the dining course. This series comes in three variations. There is a perfect oval and a more organic oval, both of which are designed for smaller courses and are easy to handle and serve. Plus a more practical round plate with a crescent-shaped hill dividing the main element from the side dish or sauce.

Luxury disposable
Palmscapes offers what fine dining in the field of disposables tends to lack: the luxurious feeling tableware can give a guest in a restaurant or at a special dinner. With this disposable, I engage with the chef, inviting him or her to pay extra attention to the presentation of food.

Palmscapes is part of the Palm collection of Sier Disposables. The bark of the palm is steamed and pressed in a mold. Bark is a natural waste product and the production process is low-tech. Therefore, this disposable has an extremely low carbon footprint.

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