Toys for the chef

The loose elements and distinctive forms turn ShApes into a toy of some sort for the chef: a set with which can be combined and plated depending on the food, cook, day and the atmosphere. With "the art of plating" as an inspiration I want to offer chefs a stage for their food. And elevate the presentation, quite literally.

The line contains eight small and three large ShApes. Together a varied picture emerges. The ShApes can be used individually just as well as combined in multiples. Highlight a single component or setup a spectacular buffet. The set matches perfectly with the accompanying base plates, but can be combined with other services just as well.

ShApes is typical for my work as a tableware designer. The concept is a recurring theme in my work. It was developed before within the context of the KahlaKreativ residency and executed in white porcelain. This series takes the next step with new shapes and different glazes that give a whole new look and feel.

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