Glaze & texture
A series of plates for Vista Alegre Atlantis. There is interaction between light and shadow on the unglazed porcelain. The interplay between glaze and texture gives the plate both a decorative element as well as functionality.

New top mold
For the Texture collection an existing lower mold of the plate was used (33 cm) and a new top mold was designed. In this way the high-pressure casting technique can be applied without the high initial investment. Giving a new function to an existing form.

Vista Alegre:
_ “Just as its name suggests, this set of plates designed by the Dutch tableware specialist, Mieke Cuppen, places emphasis on texture. Texture allows playing with plating, thanks to a surface that influences how and where food is placed. The transition from a soft glazed texture to one that is unglazed, in addition to the interactions and contrasts arising with other pieces and materials stand to make this piece even more tempting.”

This design has won the German Design Award 2020 in the category "Tabletop" and the Iconic Award 2020 in the category "Innovative Interior".


Want to get an impression of how Texture plates are used? Have a look at the story "Why I love my job".

Purchase this design at Tovari or MarDecor. Check the Vista Alegre shoplocator for a shop nearby.

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