The art of plating

The chef’s stage
Volumes is a series of porcelain elements that allows the chef to play with the layout of the plate. The six building pieces turn the plate into a landscape in which ingredients are highlighted or draped. It’s like a stage, with the chef as a rock star.

Added value
Because it is a stand-alone line, it can add value to different sets of services. The variety in volume invites you to play with dishes – like building blocks for the professional chef. A rectangle challenges with repetitive dishes, the cone requires skewering or piercing and the sphere works well for draping thinly sliced material.

The six elements are complementary. Multiple elements can be placed on a plate. Or a repetitive look can be created on a buffet.

Silicon feet
Volumes is included in the Kahla collection and is offered for use in the hospitality industry. The elements remain firmly on the porcelain through the exclusive collaboration with Magic Grip. They apply patented silicone feet that ensure that the porcelain will not slide around on the plate.

Mieke Cuppen’s residency
Volumes is a project that Mieke Cuppen worked on during her residency at Kahla Kreativ. The theme was “tasting tomorrow”, in which the designers were encouraged to come up with a completely new concept. “It’s very cool that a design which came into being in total creative freedom is now finding its way to the fine dining scene.”

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